Truth Tuesday: Search the Scriptures


It must have been a perfect day. Sounds of freedom, from chirping birds, serenaded the air with joyful songs. The sun emitted its brightest rays across a crystal blue sky. The dusty road of Emmaus, was decorated by majestic cherry blossom trees, as they cast their mystic shadows along the pathways cooling weary travelers from the heat of the day. All nature celebrated the resurrection of our Savior.

Yet, according to Luke 24:13-21, in spite of the beautiful day, two travelers, Cleopas and his friend, trudged along like mourners in a funeral procession, inundated by waves of sorrow. They hadn’t heard. They didn’t know that the promise of Christ to be delivered into the hands of sinful men, be crucified, and raised the third day had been fulfilled.

When You Really Needed That Word

In the midst of their heartfelt conversation, Christ joined them. They were startled at His sudden appearance. Yet, there was something about His voice, the voice of many waters that calmed their anxieties. After listening to the reason for their sadness, Christ, starting with Moses, and all the prophets, expounded on all the scriptures concerning Himself.

They were mesmerized by His disclosure. Starbursts tugged on their hearts and ricocheted through their souls. They began to understand that without the shedding of Christ’s blood, there would have been no remission of sins. 

Once home they begged the stranger to come in and eat with them. After the grace was offered, He divided the bread, and suddenly vanished. 

As special as that walk of yesterday must have been, as I’ve grown in God’s grace, I’ve come to realize that each of us can have that special walk through prayer and by reading His Holy Word. “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me,” (John 5:39).

Still Holds True

Christ, Himself, relied on scripture to shield Him from the wiles of Satan. “It is written. It is written,” our Savior quoted when tempted by His nemesis, Satan. If our Lord relied on scripture, how much more should we, sinful beings, also rely on His Holy Word as an armor against the onslaughts of Satan? 

Unlike the two travelers who were given a history lesson detailing a certain period of time, we are given a panoramic view of the beginning of the creation to the end of time. Through the Bible, we can witness the creation and hear the “Word” speak and it was done, commanded and it stood fast. We can even sit on the sea of glass with the multitude, eat the delicious fish offered us and listen to the greatest spiritual orator the world has ever known.

Finally, through scripture, we have seen most prophecies fulfilled. We know the ending of the story. Christ was victorious! He died once for mankind and has gained victory over death and the grave.

Although the walk to Emmaus only covered seven miles from Jerusalem, our walk is much further covering the distance from the earth to the Gates of Heaven. Through His Holy Word, our walk is elongated from earth to the realms of eternity.

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