The Flag, Guns, And The Bible

Too many Americans swear by the Bible; defend themselves with guns against innocent persons who have no weapons; wrap themselves in the American flag with its symbolic colors representing valor (red), purity and innocence (white), and perseverance and justice (blue); and hold on to the country’s greatest symbol of racial hatred and injustice, the confederate flag.

It is ironic that some who profess Christianity can preach from the Book of love and show no regard for the church and lives of other Christians in the church, studying God’s Word.
Additionally, too many Americans claim the Bible as their guide, Christ as their Leader, and unlimited guns as their Constitutional right for ending the lives of others. They always stand ready to defend easy access to gun ownership in any number and in any size or caliber. They want the right to carry such weapons openly and even in houses of worship and in educational institutions. They must “stand their ground” even if it means others may have to pay with their lives. They demand that the historic flag of racial hatred and national divisiveness be protected and prominently displayed to remind their children and others of our national disgrace of oppression, injustice, intimidation, and inhuman violence against men, women, and children because of the color of their skin.

Now it is time for some demands, some stands, and some rights to be proclaimed by all those who believe in fairness, justice, and the teachings of Christ. These must include reasonable public safety for all citizens and from all citizens, even those who are paid by all citizens to protect all citizens. And finally, symbols that offend law-abiding citizens and inspire none to do good must be out-lawed. This is a national insult to too many men and women, active duty and veterans, who have fought in wars some giving their lives on foreign soil. In other words, the confederate flag must come down wherever it flies on public property or in public air space.

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