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With more than 21,000 Instagram followers and 100,000 TikTok followers plus, this quartet took the internet by storm during the pandemic, doing what they do best. Harmony is just that, four harmoniously voices blended into masterful arrangements of songs we know and love.

Comprised of four lifelong friends from Columbus, Ohio Harmony is Haven James, Samara Orr, Chris Upchurch and Tirzah Washington. These young adults are not sitting around waiting for the world to come to them. They took their talents to the world to share the gospel and their exceptional abilities through song. The results have been viral.

They regularly grace the social platforms with inspiring sounds and songs. We caught up with them somewhere in between live engagements and filming their next TikTok scroll-stopping video clip. They filled us in on life, ministry and the inspiration behind their unique sound.   

Message: Obviously you’re known for your Harmony, but is there a deeper meaning behind the name?

Harmony: Honestly it is just that! One day we were randomly singing “Silver and Gold” by Kirk Franklin after youth choir practice at Ephesus SDA Church. That was the first time the four of us sang together outside of praise teams and choirs. We noticed we had great harmony together so we decided to start a group and call it “HARMONY” right then and there!

Message: How did you all meet and what was it that made you become a group?

Harmony: We all pretty much knew each other from all the SDA churches but we didn’t get close until around the age of 12 or 13. 

Message: You guys give some of the same vibes as the your fellow Columbus natives, and gospel greats, Anointed, but who would you say has been your greatest inspiration?

Harmony: It’s so hard to just pick one, our top two inspirations would be the Clark Sisters and Gaither Vocal Band. Both have helped to shape our sound and message throughout our career.

Message: You became viral sensations during the pandemic? What has been the result of amassing such a large following online?

Harmony: We have been able to expand our following from beyond our local church audience. We are able to spread the Gospel to an international audience and bring hope to people who might not even step foot inside of any church.

From left: Chris Upchurch, Samara Orr, Tirzah Washington, and Haven James. They are the Columbus, Ohio based social media stars, Harmony.

Message:  You all have had some pretty serious health scares? Were you afraid that it would interrupt what you had worked so hard to build, and how did you maintain while you were navigating your health challenges?

Harmony:  Indeed we have! Yes, at times the fear of not being able to be with the group was pretty daunting. The thoughts of having to sit back and wonder if there would ever be a time when you could not get back to this ministry/calling after a health issue was scary. The thing that would help us get through was knowing that God would be our rock. He said, in his word “He’d never leave us nor forsake us” and we trusted His word. The frequent checkups and check-ins we would do on one another helped with the down beaten days that we were having. Also, continuing to pray and believe that while a health challenge may be having us take a back seat somewhere someone is still taking the time to listen to “HARMONY” and supporting HARMONY” as we do amongst ourselves. 

Message:  Ladies, you are all mothers, how has that changed the way you approach your work as recording artists?

Harmony: Our time is precious to us as mothers. We don’t like being away from our children unless we know that our time away is well spent. However, we have learned to balance our motherhood and our need to provide and to show our children that they can pursue their passions and dreams!


Message: Chris, tell us what’s it like being the “sole brotha” of the group, and what kind of group dynamics exist here?

Chris Upchurch: As the only guy in the group, I feel like I bring balance. There are many different strengths and talents among the group, but we find a way to make them blend effortlessly.

Message: Let’s talk about recording projects. What are you working on, and when does the album come out?

Harmony: Right now, we are still waiting for the opportunity to work in the studio. We are working on creating and developing unique music that represents our group.


Message: It’s ministry, but it’s also business. How do you ensure that you do smart business while keeping the ministry first?

Harmony: Praying and asking God to lead us in the right direction with the correct people!


Message: What’s the next big thing on the horizon for Harmony?

Harmony: The next big thing for us is that we have been nominated for another Kingdom Image award for “Best Group Performance.” The reason this award is so important to us is because we put our blood, sweat and tears into each performance, giving all glory and honor to God. We always hope that our voices touch someone who is in need or struggling with problems of this world! We want our music to touch their souls the most. To receive this award would confirm that we are on the right track as we continue to learn and grow as artists.


Haven’t heard Harmony’s signature sound yet? Check them out here. Also, follow Harmony @officialharmonygroup on social media.  


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