COVID-19 Feels Like a Hurricane: Be Prepared

Asian flu ncov coronavirus over Earth background and its blurry hologram. Concept of cure search and spreading disease. 3d rendering toned image. Elements of this image furnished by NASA

Can we think of the coronavirus as a hurricane?

Hurricanes can pack wind speeds from 74 mph to 95 mph as a Category 1 and quickly climb to 157 mph or higher as a Category 5. How destructive a hurricane is depends on its wind speed. When a hurricane strikes land it can cause considerable damage. The damage to life and property can be most devastating.

The greatest amount of damage, however, is generally caused by flooding and storm surge. Nevertheless, Hurricanes have leveled tall buildings, homes, large trees and destroyed entire communities. Even worse, hurricanes can develop tornadoes that can cause death and destruction in their path.

Those along the Texas-Louisiana Coast can attest to how devastating hurricanes can be. Hurricane Harvey devastated the Texas – Louisiana Coast in August 2017. It caused major destruction and many deaths. Today, some people have still not recovered from Hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane COVID-19

Now, what does the Covid-19 have to do with a hurricane? Well, like a hurricane, COVID-19 is causing destruction and death in its path. Its impact has been of epic proportions. It has caused more deaths than any hurricane and shut down businesses, schools, universities, churches, and it has inhibited mobility on a global scale.

Within the center of a hurricane is what is called the Eye. The Eye has very low air pressure. It generally does not have any clouds and the wind is calm. If you have been in the eye of a storm it is a beautiful sight. The sky is blue, the sun is radiantly shining, the wind offers a soft cool breeze, the birds are chirping…It is like a beautiful spring day. But, warning! Don’t let that fool you! The most dangerous part of the storm is the eye-wall. It is the outer part of the hurricane. The eye-wall has a front and backside. The front and backside of the hurricane pack the highest speeds. The winds can reach as high as 157 mph plus.

More Destruction is Coming

When the front-side of the storm hits, with its howling winds, roaring thunder, flashing lightning and pounding rain, it can be very scary, even terrifying. But then comes the calm, the eye of the storm. Currently, we are experiencing the front-side of Hurricane COVID-19. It carries in its path sickness and death, and financial and economic destruction. Soon we will experience the calm, the eye of the storm. It will come in the form of the Economic Stimulus Package, the decline in the number of deaths and confirmed cases, and even the reopening of several establishments. But once we get through the Eye of COVID we’ve still got to get past the backside of it.

In other words, the backside of COVID-19 is coming, and it will be just as destructive as the front side of the storm. The backside of COVID will consist of families fully realizing their loved ones are gone. It will consist of millions of people trying to get jobs to no avail. In fact, Physicians Weekly suggests we need to get ready for the coming Mental Health pandemic post-COVID.

The full extent of how things will look after we experience the backside of this illness, we do not know. But it will be devastating! How we see the world tomorrow will not be the same as we see it today. Hurricane COVID-19 will create a new normal for us. What will that new normal be? I do not know. But, the time to prepare is now!

Here are some suggestions on how to prepare:

1.      Stay connected with God, Talk to him

2.      Seek God through His Written word

3.      Keep your eyes and ears open

4.      Hear him when he speaks and obey his voice

5.      Seek counsel when you feel the need

6.      Make yourself marketable by developing your God-given abilities

7.      Plan your strategies in harmony with the will of God

8.      Work your plan with God by your side

9.      Avoid depending on man

10.    Most important, put your complete trust in Divine Power

What will you do to survive the after-effects of Hurricane COVID-19?

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