#WhatsTheMessage EP 043: The Season Finale

On November 19, 2019 we embarked on the journey of starting the What’s the Message podcast. Today, we’ve streamed and uploaded 43 episodes featuring such guests as Shaun King, Rev. Jim Wallis, Rev. William H. Lamar IV, Rev. Dr. Gayle Fisher Stewart, Rev. Reginald Sharpe Jr., Eric Adams, John & April Nixon, Pastor John T. Boston, and even my own mom, Dr. Karen Allen.

For today’s season finale episode we take a trip down memory lane. Check out this episode of some of our favorite clips from Season 1 of What’s the Message.

#WhatsTheMessage EP 038: Architecture & Social Justice with Wandile Mthiyane

Architecture and community development are an essential aspect of social justice work. Particularly in communities and countries where indigenous people are the victims of stolen land. Check out Thursday’s #WhatsTheMessage episode with Wandile Mthiyane, Obama Leader, TedX Fellow, architectural designer, social entrepreneur, and the Founder & CEO of the Ubuntu Design Group. Make sure you tune in live Thursday at 11am EST to engage with the podcast live.

Learn more about Wandile and his work with the Ubuntu Design Group by checking out the recent documentary produced on him called “Child of Apartheid.”

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#WhatsTheMessage EP 032: Your Story Behind the Pain with John T Boston II

In this episode Carmela and Claudia reflect on their experiences at the National Action Network 2020 March on Washington and welcome Pastor John T Boston to the podcast. Pastor Boston shares with us his powerful story of pain, adoption, and reconciliation. He also talks with us about how he’s turned his pain into his purpose encouraging others to lead and produce in spite of great trauma. This is a powerful interview you do not want to miss.

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#WhatsTheMessage EP 026: Bridging the Digital Divide Part I

In this episode Carmela and Claudia welcome Kirk Nugent and Dr. Paul McNeil to the podcast to discuss the digital divide and the recent digital shift. COVID-19 has thrust our churches, schools, and businesses into an exclusively digital space. But many still don’t know how to transition, they work with organizations that are still hostile to the digital shift and are simply pushing and awaiting reopening, and still others do not have access to the internet or digital devices. Our conversation highlights the realities of both the digital divide and this pandemic induced digital shift. Tune in to hear the tremendous information these experts share with us.
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#WhatsTheMessage EP 022: The Fight For My Life

In this episode Carmela and Claudia welcome Pastor Tricia Wynn Payne, author of “The Fight For My Life.” She is going to be live on the podcast Thursday, June 25th at 11am sharing with us her testimony, her book, and her journey from physical therapist to pastor to patient to author. Tomorrow is going to be a powerful conversation about destiny, triumph, and God’s amazing power that you do not want to miss. Make sure you tune in live with us at 11am.
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#WhatsTheMessage EP 012: God Moving in Tanzania and Beyond

In this episode Carmela and Claudia talk with Dr. Carlton Byrd, Lead Pastor of Oakwood University Church and the Lead Speaker and Director of The Breath of Life TV Broadcast, sharing with us about the over 16,000 souls saved in their revival in Tanzania as well as their recent Easter broadcast “The Awakening.” We’re excited to discuss the powerful moments the Holy Spirit has moved oversees and here in the states, as well as tackle the times we’re living in and our own prophetic moment. But we’re also excited to talk with Donna Green-Goodman about her recent article where she pleads with African Americans to take their health into their own hands. She writes about how African Americans cannot look to the system to save or heal them and they must do it themselves. We’ll about about this with and more on preventive and prescriptive measures people take in dealing with coronavirus COVID-19.

You can read Donna Green Goodman’s article here

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