Sustaining Member Program


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What is a sustaining member?

Supporting Message Magazine is easy when you become a Sustaining Member. You designate the monthly contribution to be charged to your credit card account. Provide us with your preferred credit or debit card and we will process your charge accordingly. A record of your contribution will appear on your bank or credit card statement each year.

As a Sustaining Member, you increase the value of your gift by:

  • Providing MESSAGE Magazine with a stable source of yearly income to support this ministry
  • Eliminating the cost — and the hassle — of yearly renewal letters and telemarketing reminders
  • Reducing the cost of processing contributions

How do I become a member?

Decide today to contribute to MESSAGE Magazine each year. Because we try to cover our costs of credit card processing, please consider $20 or greater per year as the minimum amount.

Next, complete the gift form on our Donate page,  or call us anytime at 1-800-456-3991. You may select your preferred debit or major credit card.

Once you’ve signed up, you never have to worry about renewing your membership. Each year your contribution will automatically be charged with a record of each transaction appearing on your bank or credit card statement. Your membership is automatically extended each year.

Do I have to pay on a yearly basis?

You may elect to pay on a , monthly, quarterly or semi-annual basis as well. If this is your preference, please contact our Member Services department at1-800-456-3991.

How can I increase my monthly contribution?

MESSAGE Magazine will give you the opportunity to upgrade your monthly contribution each year when you receive your Membership Anniversary Letter. Your personal authorization is required to increase your contribution amount. To upgrade your gift at any other time, please call Member Services at 1-800-456-3991.

What if I have questions about my bank or credit card statement?

Call us immediately 1-800-456-3991. A MESSAGE Magazine Member Service representative will work with you personally.

Is my contribution tax-deductible?

Yes! We will send you a tax receipt each January stating your total giving from the previous year and the fair market value of any thank-you gifts you received during that calendar year.

How can I discontinue my automatic charges, if necessary?

Simply call our Member Services department at1-800-456-3991, or send your request in writing to:9705 Patuxent Woods, Columbia, Maryland 21046 1565. You do not need to notify your bank.