Campaign Instructions 2024


Message Summer Sale ’24

Department of Discipleship


It’s Time for Your Church’s Annual Message magazine Outreach Campaign.

 Dear Message Campaign Coordinator:

 This year we have a campaign that motivates church members to become an agent for the message of the gospel Message magazine shares with its readers. As an agent of the DOD, (Department of Discipleship), you have access to the  M.E.S.S.A.G.E. system, an acronym for Mission Engaged Saving System Alerting Gods’ Elect.

The materials will center your focus on the type of people who will read the magazine, BOLOs (Be On Look Out) will be issued each week for different “targets”. Encourage agents to seek people in their circle to send a print and/or digital subscription to.

 By taking a few simple actions in this year’s campaign, you can spark more witnessing activity among your members and add souls to your church’s family. 

 While this is a new approach to the campaign with all digital assets, your efforts will make a difference in a loved ones’ life for eternity. I pray that you’ll commit to doing well on this year’s effort. Never forget the significance of your work. 

 If you have a question how to best implement this all digital campaign, give our marketing team a call at 404.300.3082.  

Carmela Monk Crawford

Message Editor


The 3 Months of the Message Campaign – May 25th – August 10th


  • Get the pastor involved. Talk to your pastor about the Message campaign. Ask for his input as you make plans.
  • Attend pre-campaign conference calls.  Calls will help you plan. Organize and energize your church to have a successful campaign
  • Use Digital Backgrounds on Zoom/Online. We’ve provided several digital images you can use in your digital worship services to remind members about Message during the entire outreach campaign.


May 1

  • Plan a Message Campaign Kickoff announcement.
    • Share the Message Daily Podcast to your Church Facebook page
    • Play the Editor Campaign Kickoff Video 
    • Tweet about Message magazine The message is my superpower campaign
    • Post the image below to Instagram and put a link to in your bio
  • Click Here to Download Campaign Kickoff video


The Message is my Superpower, and Message magazine is a witnessing system that works! Visit to get unapologetically black voices on social justice, healthy living and hope. @message1898 #theMessageIsMySuperpower

Facebook Post

Click image to download that BOLO, click here to download all of the BOLOs


Message magazine’s summer campaign is radically different this year. It’s mostly an online campaign. Go to and subscribe today.


Click on image to download

Have you read Message magazine lately? The message in Message is your superpower. Get a digital copy today. Link in comments. #themessageismysuperpower #messagemagazine #dailydevotional 



May 8 

  • Play the Message Campaign Kickoff Video. It is very important to get the video in front of members announcing the Message campaign. Arrange with your pastor or head elder right now to get them the file for playback on this upcoming Sabbath for a personal ministries spotlight in church or on Zoom Church. Download the video HERE in our campaign resource folder.
  • Forward the orders (if necessary). Members may order directly from Message magazine. If they email their orders to you personally, forward the orders to Message immediately.  Check to make sure that the money submitted by the members matches the number of subscriptions that each member has ordered.
  • Choose the way you want to enter the orders.

Option 1: Go to and follow the instructions for entering orders and making payment.

Option 2: If you prefer, you can type or handwrite the names of the sponsors and their gift subscriptions on the form that will be sent to you in the mail if you sponsored . Please be sure to use complete addresses.  Then mail check(s) and the forms to Message Magazine, P.O. Box 5353, Nampa, ID 83653.

  • Place announcements in the church newsletter, on your website and via social post. We’ve included some sample announcements for websites, email newsletters, social post for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter in the campaign resource center. It’s one more way to keep your congregation thinking about Message.

May 15 

  • Show the digital slides. In churches that show announcements between services or during service via Streaming, please use our slides that promote the Message campaign. You will find them below.
  • Show a Message video. Every month during the campaign we’ll give you a video that provides a glimpse of some of the intriguing content that we feature in Message.  You’ll see what a good job the magazine does of connecting with people at their point of need. You will find this month’s video here or at


May 22

  • Show a Message video. Message will provide a video every month that shows how people are using the magazine to reach friends and family. Message will provide service  countdown videos that can be used in the time before the Zoom church service starts. You will find this month’s video at


May 29

  • Be a Personal Ministry Coach. To create more energy for outreach in your church, encourage people to become digital evangelists.  Give them ideas for bringing these folks to the feet of Jesus. Where appropriate, suggest a subscription to Message and show them how to sign up. You can share your computer screen to show them how to sign up online at:  



June 5

  • Make an announcement from the front or on Zoom Church. There is nothing wrong with making several pulpit appeals for Message throughout the year. The more times you bring it up, the better chance you’ll have of reaching the coverage target by July 31st, 2021. We’ve included a script for a short, ready-made appeal on the back page. It’s even better if you use your own words.
  • Pray. Involve your small group or prayer chain in praying that God will start a mighty movement for outreach in your church.Plan a Message rally or Touch 10K Day. Talk to Message about planning a “Message weekend” in your city ordistrict. Call 443-391-7262 or email
  • Play or schedule a time for Message Sabbath.


June 15

  • Show the “Inside Look” Message video. We’ll provide a new video for the month of June about the life-changing content in Message.
  • Place an announcement in the bulletin. (if you are using bulletins) See the sample announcements on this page.


June 22-

  • Show the “All-Star Witnessing”  campaign video. Every month during the campaign we’ll give you a new video to show how church members are using Message for evangelism.           
  • Reprise Your Role as a Personal Ministry Coach. There’s nothing more powerful than a one-on-one appeal. This is why we suggest you make yourself available as a “Personal Ministry Coach.” Set up a station in the church foyer or simply start conversations with different members. You might ask them if they have a burden for specific friends or family members that they would like to be baptized. What are those friends like? Would they appreciate Message magazine? Would they be open to attending a church program?


If they’ve never heard of Message, you can tell them how it is designed to bring people to saving truth by sending them a fascinating magazine every two months. Let them know that they can subscribe online at



July-The Last Month of the summer campaign, the price goes up when it’s over. Now extended through August 31, 2021.

July 6

  • Get up front (hopefully we’ll be back in church by this date). Make another personal appeal from the pulpit or via Zoom for sharing Message. For an extra impact interview a church member who has a story about how the magazine had a part in their conversion story.  

July 13

  • Show the “Inside Look” Message video. We’ll provide a new video for the month of June about the life-changing content in Message. This month’s video is at
  • Place an announcement in the bulletin. See the sample announcements in this sheet.

July 20

  • Show a Message campaign video. Find this month’s video about how church members are using Message at

July 27

  • Plan a Message rally or Touch 10K Day. Talk to Message about planning a “Message weekend” in your city or district. Call 443-391-7262 or email editor@messagemagazine.c
  •  Continue to be a Personal Ministry Coach. Announce during the church service that you will be available to answer questions about personal outreach. Set up your booth as “Personal Ministry Coach” or simply be available in the foyer. Help church members order online. Where appropriate, recommend sharing Message magazine and show how to subscribe.

 July 31

 The Big Finish

  • Get the orders. If members indicated that they wanted to order online, please follow up with them to confirm that they have done so.

Note: When your church members send gift subscriptions to Message online, they will have to fill in the box that identifies their home church. (Not that your church has a sub goal.)

  • Enter the final batch of orders.

Remember, you can enter the orders online at Or you can request a sponsor form by calling 800. to enter the addresses and mail them, along with individual checks—or a check from the church—to Message Magazine, Pacific Press, P.O. Box 5353, Nampa, ID 83653.


  • Thank God. Praise God for the success He’s given you and pray that He will use each magazine to draw people into His kingdom.


Videos to use with your church announcements. Click the thumbnail to download.



The Message is my Superpower! Visit to get unapologetically black voices on social justice, healthy living and hope. @message1898 #themessageismysuperpower