Drama Files: Too Late to Break Up?


Too long and too wrong, this wife walked away with nothing.

Belinda and John met at a neighborhood party store. John noticed Belinda and was attracted to her, but Belinda was not attracted to him at all. John walked out of the store but waited patiently for Belinda to come out.  When she saw John waiting for her, he approached and offered her his cell phone number. They talked, became friends, dated and later she moved into his home. Three months later Belinda discovered that John was a drug dealer. This frightened her and she wanted no part of his lifestyle. 

Belinda wanted out of the relationship but John  pleaded with her to stay and promised Belinda he would leave this illegal profession alone.  Six months later, John was still selling drugs and Belinda was now expecting their first child. She did not want to separate the family and had no means to provide for herself and their son. Therefore, she remained in the relationship.

This is Not How I Was Raised

Belinda began to feel guilty because she was not raised to live in sin, but to live as man and wife. When speaking to John about her feelings, he expressed that he had not given any thought to marrying, but if that is want she wanted he would marry her. “But,” he said, “I am a man who cannot be faithful. ” Though she was certain at that point that she should have left, she stayed because of her child. She feared she had no resources of her own, so she married John. 

Belinda knew that John had extra marital relationships over the years, but never confronted him because he provided for her and their son. John, finally after many years, left the drug life behind and secured a job working  for the post office. One afternoon he left his cell phone at home and Belinda discovered several women that he was having an affair with. When she confronted him, he told her “ You knew the type of man that I was then and I had several women in my life.”

“We are man and wife,” Belinda countered. “Does that mean anything to you?”

“ No,” John replied.

No Options on the Table

Belinda sat in the room alone and cried. At the moment she bowed down on her knees and prayed to the Lord for  help. A few days later Belinda was referred to me for assistance. We met and discussed her options.

Belinda stated her husband refused to seek counseling and would continue to have sex with other women because she no longer satisfies him. John wanted a wife to cater to his every whim and Belinda said she would not do this.  She is now preparing to divorce John, at the age of 45.  She has to start her life over again, still with no resources. The house, car and her real estate business all belong to him. John told Belinda she will leave the way she came into his home, with nothing. 

After her first therapy session Belinda willingly returned to church, and is not afraid to start again. “ I never signed up for this type of life and I deserve better”. 

During the therapy session I shared several scriptures and suggestions to assist Belinda on her new journey. 

Scriptures and Suggestions for Guidance 

“He who commits adultery lacks sense; he who does it destroys himself” Proverbs 6:32.

 “Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners,” 1 Corinthians 15:33. 

  1. Pray first and be connected to God.  
  2. Don’t be totally dependent on the other person. 
  3. Seek counseling and a safe exit plan. 
  4. Have yourself checked by a physician for a STD. 
  5. Don’t compromise with your life. 
  6. Redirect your thoughts and action 180 degrees. 

When an individual decides to become involved with another person who is openly living a life of lies and corruption, you must be strong enough to separate yourself and dissolve the relationship, immediately. 

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