#WhatsTheMessage EP 010: Poverty Intensified During the Pandemic

In this episode Carmela and Claudia welcome Message finance columnist and tax attorney, Ruthven Phillip of Give2GetRich, LLC. In this episode they discuss the financial impact of Coronavirus. From unemployment to choosing what bills and meals you can afford, families are in a state of financial crisis as well as a health crisis. In fact, experts are now talking about how this virus is particularly difficult for those who are already in poverty, particularly the homeless and communities of color. The Financial Times even suggests that Detroit is the next hotspot for the virus because of the intense poverty. And so in this conversation Ruthven provides so amazing tips and resources that everyone can use to help alleviate some of our financial stressors.

Make sure you check out this episode to get the lowdown on the financial crisis happening during this pandemic. And as promised, we will be sure to give you some hope in spite of these headlines.

You can check out many of our #MoneyMonday articles by Ruthven Phillip where he outlines in even greater detail various suggestions for financial freedom, particularly as relates to the coronavirus pandemic. Here is the link to our most recent article: https://www.messagemagazine.com/articles/cant-make-the-covid-19-big-3-payments/?fbclid=IwAR2LEzJlltad3vKNWd3V8I9GmyCjoAg0uciVKaqI1Vm4jD1J0T4q0DI5LWU

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