Black Teens Being EP 05: Walking Blind

In this episode teens speak vulnerably about violence, prejudice, stress and other societal fears and pressures they have. Adults often invalidate teens, and these young people speak out about many of those condescending comments. Listen to the full episode by clicking on the following links:

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This episode featured teenagers Ariana Brown, Jaylen Rogers, and Ethan Jones. The podcast is produced by David Person, the music is produced by DJ Bailey and David Person, and the end credit music is a sample from the song “Circles” from King Koffee’s album Crown produced by Norma Koffee Carrington and Kelvin Wootton. Black Teens Being is produced in partnership with Message Magazine. Special Thanks to Oakwood University Radio 90.1 FM WJOU. Narrated by Gabrielle Coddle Williams.

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