2021 September/October Issue


NOAA principal and teacher, Carla Drake helps change the lives of her students.

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12 Financial Family Rules
Ruthven Phillip
/ Don’t get burned loaning money to Cousin Broke.

13 Restoration & Reconnection
From Barna Research
/ “Bad News Barna” tracks broken relationships in the Christian church, and areas of promise.

15 To Create a Self-Portrait
by Adenike Jacobs
/ Thrive, not just survive, when you embrace the promise God has for your life.

16 Blooming in the dark
by Dr. Michelle Pearce
/ A hopeful perspective during adversity.

18 Finish the work
by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ Message Summer Infusion partners with organizations to help a bereft family.

20 Talk about School Pride
by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ School Principal Carla Drake loved, sang, and coached her students to a thriving relationship with Jesus.


by Phillip McGuire Wesley
/ Media That Takes You Higher

by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ The Desperate Give and the Real Take

6 Eye on the times
by Edward Woods, III
/ Threat of Redistricting

7 Black from the past
by Carl McRoy
/ Lorraine Hansberry’s Housing Advocacy

8 Optimal health
by Donna Green Goodman
/ The Physician in Your Kitchen

by John and April Nixon
/ The Secret Thing Every Wife Needs to Know about Her Husband

26 Futurecast
by Carlton P. Byrd
/ Marriage Insurance

28 The Experience
by Ellen G. White
/ Truth in Humility

29 The Experience study
by Rashad Burden
/ The Greatest Family

30 Message Resources

29 Bless & Be Blessed

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