2018 July/August Issue

Destined for Healing

Dr. Hadiyah Nicole Green Closes In On Cancer



13 God’s Gift: The Hadiyah Nicole Green Story
by Patrice Thomas Conwell
/ Necessity may have invented the cure for cancer.

16 What it Takes to Heal
by Samantha Nelson
/ Discover the ten transformational tips for abuse survivors.

18 Forewarned is ForeArmed
by Ivona Roberts Bernard
/ How this Kansas City group applied evergreen wisdom to today’s sex trade.

20 Uncovered
by Ronnie Vanderhorst
/ How #MeToo touches every man, and what he must do to bring change.

22 Find Jesus in the Sanctuary
by Karen Styer
/ How to understand the timeless symbolism of the Tabernacle.

28 Closer than You Think
by Andrea King
/ When a pimp claimed the services of one of her teenaged members, this pastor stepped up the street ministry.

30 When We Know Better…
by Donald L. McPhaull
/ Who is Revelation’s mysterious woman called Babylon?


by Phillip McGuire Wesley
/ Media That Takes You Higher

by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ Not Normal

6 Eye on the times
Church and State Closer Now with Faith-Based Executive Order

8 optimal health
by Donna Green Goodman / Wheat Worries
by Carmela Monk Crawford
/ Going Vegan & Vegetarian

by Willie and Elaine Oliver
/ We Disagree On Everything

by Kim Login-Nowlin
/ Depressing Discovery

by Carlton Byrd
/ Promised Victory In Revelation

26 The experience
by Ellen G. White
/ Peace Be Unto You

27 The experience BIBLE study
by Rashad Burden
/ It’s Going To Be Alright

29 Power Plays
by Eugene Anthony
/ 5 Secrets Of Joshua’s Leadership Success

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