Third Quarter 1935


Message Magazine 1935 cover

Download the PDF here.

  1. The Meaning of Events
  2. Is Heaven in Harlem?
  3. Ethiopians in History and Prophecy
  4. The Sabbath Through the Ages
  5. Jesus Is Coming Back
  6. Dread T.B. Can Be Cured
  7. The United States in the Bible
  8. The Gospel of Health and Prosperity
  9. Did Mr. Johnson Go to Heaven when He Died?
  10. Shall We Learn Our ABC’s?
  11. We Can PREVENT SICKNESS With Proper Food
  12. The Bible Teaching Concerning BAPTISM
  13. It Is Great To Be Young
  14. The News in Pictures

Download tMessage Magazine 1935 coverhe PDF here.







This will be a version of the Magazine that one can flip through online.

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