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I admit that I often chuckle when I hear someone say the It should come as no surprise that I can talk for hours about faith.

I wrote a book about having unrealistic faith, extended Wednesday night prayer meeting services expounding on resetting faith, and engaged in impromptu conversations about managing it. Some may even think that it is my favorite subject, and the truth is, I will never hold back on speaking about faith. But one of the things I love about the matter of faith is that the Bible doesn’t hold back from talking about it, either. Depending on the version of the Bible you read, just the word faith can appear over 230 times. 

But as frequently as it appears, people find ways to complicate it. In Matthew 17, Jesus talks about having “mustard seed” faith. Yet, when I think about this Scripture, I often wonder how many people know what a mustard seed looks like. To some people, that tiny spice is as foreign as a rare jewel. So, if I’m trying to encourage someone to have faith the size of a mustard seed, I’m trying to get them to compare their faith to something they’ve never held or seen before. 

Isn’t it funny that the inability to understand faith because of can’t that simple comparison contradicts what faith is? Faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. 

But you may be one of those who has never explored a spice rack. You may not have grown up in kitchens where the tiny seed would sit among others in a glass canister. How can you trust that God will come through on His promises when you’ve never seen how big or small your faith has to be? 

Let me encourage you that if you can’t fathom mustard seed faith, have refrigerator faith. 

Like many others, my children can often take the food in the refrigerator for granted. Sometimes, I notice that while they may ask if they can have something to eat, they rarely ask if there is food in the fridge. They assume that Mommy and Daddy have been to the store, even if they haven’t gone with us that week. But I realized their assumption that there will be food this time is because there was food last time and the time before that. So even if they never see us go to the store, they possess an assurance that the food will be there again because it was there before. 

I challenge you that even if you can’t fathom the size of a mustard seed, seek to have “refrigerator faith.” No, your faith doesn’t have to be the size of the fridge; your faith can be the tiniest assumption that something will be there even before the door opens. 

Trusting God can start as small as the hope that He will come through. And if you get that far, you’re well on your way to resetting your faith.



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  1. Thank you for this reminder Debleaire. God indeed doesn’t move by emotions, but no matter how little our faith He will respond to His word and promises to bring to reality in our lives. Faith is a connecting factor to the heavenly realm. Hebrew 11:6 assured us of this that without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of the those who diligently seek Him. Even with tinny faith. Great post. Shalom – Emmanuel O.Afolabi

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