Vintage Vault – A Cold Winter Ahead

Sometimes we give mental assent to the truth but neglect to act it out in our lives or let it regulate our behavior. We neglect to let it help us generously love and care about each other as members of the family of God and residents on Planet Earth. Also, we neglect to let it regulate our actions and interactions, recognizing that Christians are imitators of Christ and that we are here to develop characters in preparation for eternity. We cannot afford to neglect preparation for winter. We cannot afford to live like those who take no thought for the future, who are unmindful of the seriousness of life that is given to us by our Creator. That is why Paul admonishes us, “Besides this you know what hour it is, how it is full time now for you to wake from sleep. For salvation is nearer to us now that when we first believed” (Romans 13: 11).

—Message, November December 2002, “Of Ants Squirrels, and Us” by Bertram Melbourne, Ph.D


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