2022 January/February



Interview with the iconic advocate of Love and Justice

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12 Faces of Protest 2021
compiled by Patrice T. Conwell
/ In vindication, or provocation, these voices charge on in our collective conscience.

11 Our Social Dilemma
by Gamal Alexander / We’ve become comfortable with maximum noise with minimal effort.

12 Prophetic Paideia
by Carmela Monk Crawford / Message interview with the iconic and ornery advocate of love and justice Cornel West.

16 Taking Justice into Our Own Hands
Bumpy Start; Strong Finish / by Brittany Winkfield / Russell “Buttons” Patterson bounced all the way back.

Troublemaker! / by Brittany Winkfield / DeLacy Davis seeks to rewrite the interaction between black men and police.

We Show Up for Justice / by Quine Cousins/ Why black pastors had to show up for Ahmaud Arbery.

20 Belief Systems
The Life, Death and Resurrection of Christ
by Omar Miranda / Jesus took our place and paid the full and complete cost for our sin.

22 Dragonspeak: Part 6
The Race Crisis in America
by Ivor Myers / Repairing the breach with the forgotten Sabbath.

26 Life lessons from ruth
by Ajibola Bello / Peruse the book of Ruth to find strength in sadness.


by Phillip McGuire Wesley
/ Media That Takes You Higher

by Carmela Monk Crawford / Three Time-Worn Relational Dynamics That Need to Change

6 Eye on the times
by Corinne Kuypers-Denlinger / Adventist Health Recognizes Lucy Byard

7 Black from the past
By Carl and Malachi McRoy / Marian Wright Edelman

8 Optimal health
by Donna Green Goodman / AND justice for all

11 Your total intimacy
by John and April Nixon / Intimacy is God’s Idea

24 Futurecast
by Debleaire Snell / why the gospel matters

28 Message Resources

29 Bless and Be Blessed

30 Message infusion
Sharing hope in Indianapolis, IA
and Smyrna, GA

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