2019 May/June Issue

By The Word of Their Testimony

How everyday people can protect and promote the mental wellness we need.


12  Bounce Back
by Kim Nowlin Logan /
Staying The Course: Mastering the art of bouncing back.

13  Can you trust yourself?
by Ruthven Phillip /
Five Ways to Keep Your Credit in Check.

14  Won’t He Do It?
Electrifying Evidences That God Is Still on The Throne!

• Overcomers by The Blood of Jesus –
William Cox
• The Closer -Sim Fryson
• God of The Magnet – Lori Diaz
• Last Woman Standing – Denise Frazer
• There Is No God, Said The Fool – Luis
• God’s Deliverance – Billy Mirander
• God’s Protection – Jyremy Reid
• God’s Mercy – Gianna Snell
• God’s Comfort – Sharon Jamison
• God’s Plan – Tyler Brown
• Home Away From Hell – Shay Price
• Surrendered Heart – Milton Coronado
• God’s Leading – Patti Conwell

28  Sin is Sin
by Donald L. McPhaull /
No such thing as a misdemeanor or a felony in God’s book.


by Carmela Monk Crawford /
Experiential Evidence

6 Eye on the times
by Edward Woods, III /
The Fall of Civility

8 Optimal health
by Donna Green Goodman /
The Doctor Is In! Special Guest, Milton Mills, M.D.

by Willie and Elaine Oliver /
Kids of Divorce

24 Futurecast
by Carlton P. Byrd /
Celestial Struggle

26 The Experience
by Ellen G. White / What Does It Take for You to Believe?

27 The Experience Bible study
by Rashad Burden /
Better Than God?

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