2014 Sept/Oct

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Singularly Successful: The now strategy for living the godly single life

Singularly Successful: The now strategy for living the godly single life


    by James Dotson / How one man arrived at abstinence.

11 When abstinence is the scarlet letter, and when a kiss is more than a kiss

    by Tiffanie Archie

13 Tired of performing the same old tricks and getting nothing in return?

    by Patrice Thomas Conwell / Feeling cheap? Try this to keep you  “God-confident, and skill-ready.”

18 The EXPERIENCE – Invited, Yet Unwelcome

     by Christopher C. Thompson / You are on God’s A-list. How do you reply?

     by Rashad Burden / Too Fortunate.

24 Five critical moments

    by Stephen P. Ruff, Jr. / How Antoinette Tuff was prepared for her purpose.

4 Eye on the Times

    by Ed Cook/ Religious Freedom

6 Editorial

    by Carmela Monk Crawford / Love in the last days


    by Willie and Elaine Oliver / GRIM DISCOVERY: “My husband abused our daughter; now what ?”


    by Carlton P. Byrd / Blessings from family.

21 Spirit -filled:

    by Kurt Johnson / We all need each other

22 The Rubric

   by L. David Harris / Secrets to strengthen the family

23 Myth busters

   by Donald L. McPhaull / Is the husband the boss?


   by Donna Green Goodman / Throw it in the crock-pot!

28 Living with STD

   by Alanna Hunter /

30 Real

   by Diane Stark / Reviving a dead pickup


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