What’s the Message? Episode 66: Reconnecting Relationships

On Thursday, July 22nd we will start with a check-in with our Optimal Health columnist, entrepreneur, nutritionist, and breast cancer survivor Donna Green-Goodman. Donna recently celebrated her 25th anniversary of life, after breast cancer! We’ll discuss that, and what it means to eat healthy while plant-powered.
Next, we are also honored to welcome Brooke Hempell, the Senior Vice President of Research for Barna. Barna released two titles we’re interested in discussing: Restoring Relationships. In particular, we’d like to explore what are key challenges to relationships. What, specifically challenges those relationships for millennials, and Gen Zs? How we can facilitate or be a part of a restoration? Also, we’ve noted Brooke’s work in racial reconciliation, and would love to hear what she has seen working, and why.http://https://youtu.be/1AKSpBkV0pM

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