Happy in Jesus, and Jesus Alone


Sin recovery is learning to be satisfied in the person of Jesus Christ instead of the people and things of this world.

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, August 5, 2019

Today’s Scripture Focus: Psalm 51:16-19

We are focusing on sin recovery principle number six of 12: “We are now ready for God to give us new characters that reflect that of His Son’s.”

God wants to change your life forever! That is the truth as it is in Jesus.

I think we are satisfied far too easily. Some of us would be good to go if we could finally earn that six or seven figure income. Some of us would be as delighted as can be if we could finally have that spouse we have been waiting for. Some of us would think we have arrived if we earned that doctoral degree. Now, I don’t want you to be confused by what I’m trying to say here. Paul said that if we have food and clothing, we should be content and the few things I mentioned here are above and beyond that. What is wrong with being content with those? Nothing is wrong if we first find our satisfaction in the Lord regardless of anything else.

Looking for Satisfaction in All the Wrong Places

Let me try this again without confusing you with my fanciful rhetoric. I think we are satisfied far too easily (here we go again). Some of us would be good to go if we could finally say that we have been clean and sober from our pornography addiction for X number of days. Some of us would be as delighted as can be if we could finally say that we returned tithe and offering for two weeks in a row. Some of us would think we have arrived if we earned the church nominated position of [you fill in the blank].

What I failed to mention is that some are satisfied with certain earthly attainments and spiritual accomplishments regardless of whether we have true hearts toward God. Some of us have not prayed a sincere prayer (if at all) in a long time. Some of us are too busy to ask God what He thinks about our next ministry pursuit. Some of us are satisfied as long as we feel good regardless of whether there is honor in what we are doing.

Learning True Satisfaction

I think I need to be clearer now; no more riddles. God is quite fine when we aspire and achieve. Our Heavenly Father is pleased when we offer service and learn to behave well. Yet, He is even more delighted when we surrender all that we are to Him before we achieve. He throws a party in heaven when we cherish a repentant spirit that seeks after God before it seeks after sterile behaviors. There is a fine line between tidy little lives that look great on the outside from which we derive satisfaction, and asking God for purity of heart. Most of us need to learn satisfaction in surrendering our wills to God first and then reveling in the outward manifestations of that relationship. It is far more satisfying to become one with God than simply keeping up appearances.

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