Satisfying Words

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, April 27, 2015
Based Upon Luke 4:21

Today is the day for your spiritual wealth, healing, freedom, and relief from blindness! Today is the day that if you receive the Words of Jesus, whatever He says, that you can rest assured that you can enter into a relationship so satisfying, that you will never hunger or thirst for worldly things again!

Whenever Christ is near to share a message of deliverance, and you wish to receive it, it’s yours for the asking. Unfortunately, so many who have close encounters with the Lord, fail to receive the blessing, because they just don’t believe that His bounties are for them. They “believe” God on behalf of others, but when it comes to them, they become so self-centered that they think their sin is stronger than God’s power to set them free. Others don’t receive the blessing, because they are unwilling to surrender their will to Him. They would much rather control the direction that their proverbial vehicle is traveling, than to yield the wheel to the One who never gets lost and always carries His people safely to the destination He has chosen for them.

Ask yourself these questions: “Am I traveling the roads of life with God? Am I willing and submissive enough to surrender my helplessness to God, so this day can be the day I exchange my life of sin and shame, for eternal life, without sin unto salvation?

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