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Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Monday, April 13, 2015
Based Upon: Ecclesiastes 5:1

It is always a blessing to enter into the presence of God. He is always drawing and inviting us to spend time with Him. When we seek Him in sincerity He reveals Himself to us. We should ever be ready to heed His voice. What a terrible thing it is to enter into His courts without being willing to commune with Him. It is an insult to Him when we take His presence for granted. When we listen attentively for and to His voice, we begin to understand our deficiencies, and His matchless grace. When we listen attentively, we hear those blessed tones that say, “I love you!”

The sacrifices of time and treasure that we offer to God are so much sweeter when they come from the heart submitted to following the Lord wherever he leads. Sincere praise registers as appreciation in heaven, and empowers us with a willingness to do His will.

Let us seek the Lord daily, asking Him what He would have us do, and then our sacrifices will be acceptable to Him.

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