Keeping the Faith

This is the Faith I Live By:

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Friday, April 26, 2019

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“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

Hebrews 11:1

Trials come. Difficulties multiply. Problems seem to always know your address. This is where faith comes in. Faith lays hold of God’s promises and does not let go until He keeps them.

What Tries Your Faith?

Have you ever wondered when and from your next dollar will come? The bills are always on time, but the money seems to be working from a different calendar. You work with diligence, but sometimes things don’t always line up. You plead with God to come through for you, and you know it’s just a matter of when He will send the relief. But the wait isn’t any easier.

Maybe money isn’t your problem. Maybe your health is where your greatest challenges lie. When you go to the doctor, the news is seldom good. It just seems to get worse and worse. You pray and do all you can to address the situation, but you feel like the woman with the issue of blood who got worse with every visit to the doctor.

Perhaps your children have lost their spiritual mind. Maybe they have forgotten the truths you invested in them. They could be running away from God like He’s a bill collector. What gives? What has He done to deserve this? Nothing! Sometimes people move along their own paths of darkness until God’s path is the only way out.

Keeping The Faith

How do we overcome these and other trials when there’s no sign of relenting? Faith. It’s the easy answer, considering our theme text. We hope for positive changes and outcomes. We hope that God will miraculously get us out of our mess. We hope that He will flood our lives with favor so these trials will become testimonies. But it takes faith. Faith see the difficulties and remembers that God has resolved limitless problems in the past. Faith lays hold of His good name, His reputation, and (most of all) His power. Faith remembers God’s promises and holds on to them.

Whatever your trial, difficulty, or crucible, you must remember that God has been good, and continue to be good. We must keep the faith until Jesus provides our breakthrough.

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