God’s Provision Has No End!


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Sunday, December 7, 2014
Based Upon Mark 8

Sometimes we can be so blinded by the entrapments of this life, that we are unable to see the blessings of the life to come.

Have you ever worried about whether the Lord would provide for you? Have you ever been concerned that your bills would not get paid, because there was more month than money left, and the bills just keep coming in? Or maybe you have been anxious, because you have struggled to do the Lord’s will, but keep finding yourself on the wrong side of His holy Law.

There are a great many things for which we can be concerned in this life, to be sure. Yet, our God would have us trust in Him. He finds pleasure in delivering those who rest their trust in Him. The interesting thing is that He has thousands of ways of accomplishing this, of which we know nothing. In our theme chapter, Jesus provided food for thousands of hungry people with only a tiny bit of bread and fish. And when He had finished making provision, there was much more left over. Does not Scripture say that where sin abounds, grace abounds even more? Does not Scripture say that we need be anxious for nothing, but we should give thanks as though whatever we need is already done?

Think about the blind man Jesus encountered. All He wanted was to be able to see, and he knew that if he could receive the healing touch from God, he would be made whole. Was his faith rightly placed? Did he not receive his sight? Absolutely! Jesus saw the desperate man’s faith and need to be delivered. He mollified the man’s eyes with spit, and with His careful touch, blessed him with sight.

In every case, our Savior uses the common to perform the miraculous. He used a little food to feed a multitude. He used common saliva and physical touch to open blind eyes. He used imperfect men to gather fragments from an overwhelming blessing to make provision for the future. He used basic questions, simple teachings, and necessary rebukes to restore His people’s spiritual eyesight.

What is your need today? Let the Master, who never runs short on power, provide exceeding abundantly, above your wildest dreams. Whatever is for your best good, Jesus stands ready to provide. Rest your trust in Him, and watch Him do glorious things in your behalf. Amen.

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