When God Creates Something From Nothing


Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Tuesday, March 7, 2017

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“Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” (Hebrews 11:3).

Faith In The Creator

Faith is the conduit through which the power of God flows from His eternal stores to our lives. Through faith, we accept the promises of God as though He has already delivered them, and we live as having received the blessings. God has promised to take His people to the kingdom of glory wherein dwelleth righteousness.

If we have faith in His promise, we accept it and begin living like glorious kingdom dwellers. We assume the attitude of those who live in a kingdom where sin does not exist. This does not make us delusional any more than top sprinters envision reaching the finish line before their opponents as a way to exclude the possibility of defeat from their thought process. They expect to win; therefore, they behave like winners. One obvious caveat, however, winning the promise of eternal life with God is 100% guaranteed if we remain faithful.

Likewise, faith conducts the power of God to us so we can recognize Him as Creator of the universe. Despite the errors in the thinking of some scientists regarding matter, its origins, and longevity, our God created the universe from matter He created. That is to say, God did not find some eternal matter floating in space and then create the universe. No. Everything God used in relation to creating the heavens and the earth, came from Him.

Creator God

It gets even better. Much of what God creates, He does so by commanding it to be so. When He says, “Let there be light,” light must appear because the Creator said it. The Creator’s words are the power! This is partially the reason saying our brilliant friends are “creative” could be considered a misnomer (don’t be too technical in criticism of my point here). What makes God stand out as Creator is His power to bring something from nothing.

Therefore, when we write a piece of music, paint a portrait, cook a meal, craft poetry, or present a new sculpture, we are using abilities, thoughts, and supplies that were already created by God. All of these preexisted the fruit of our “creativity.” This is why creatures who have offspring are considered to have “procreated.” The offspring are products of their progenitors. They were not created in a vacuum, from nothing.

I said all of this to say, God has given us the ability, through faith, to connect with all He reveals of Himself and accept today even realities we are naturally unable to sense or experience at the moment. And if we continue to have faith in Him, it will bear fruit.

Marvelous Light

By faith, we can accept that God has created all we see and cannot see out of only that which He has created, and we will soon transcend this present world if we remain faithful to Him. Through faith, we can be certain that the same God that created the universe from nothing can recreate our lives, which sin has reduced to rubbish. He recreates us into His spiritual image if we remain faithful. He will miraculously call us out from the obscurity of our human condition into the marvelous light of effulgent relationship with Him.

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