Crucified Once

The choice to live in conscious harmony with the sacrifice of Christ on the cross.

Message Magazine’s Online Devotional for Tuesday, January 27, 2015
Based Upon John 19

I am taking a new personal inventory of my life in light of the times in which we live. Today’s theme chapter requires me to ask myself the following question. You, too, may find it compelling: “When I look at Jesus, does He have on the eternal crown of which He is worthy as my King, or have I braided a contrived, blasphemous crown and placed it on His head as a mockery shown by the life I live?” Yes, I do ask these sorts of serious questions of myself. The men who carted Jesus around from mock trial-to-mock trial, announced by those actions, that despite the fact that they bowed and said, “Hail king of the Jews…” they did not live in cooperation with that profession. They mocked and scourged the Lord of life, not valuing the sacrifice He was about to give. Their mouths said, “Hail,” but their lives cursed the One they mocked.

As we consider this sad reality it needs to become real to us. Obviously, we are not going to physically mishandle Jesus and drag Him hither and yon, to then crucify Him. Yet, the Scripture says that we can crucify Christ and shame Him openly by the way we live. If we have experienced His love and care, even experiencing worship, but then turn our backs on Him through our treatment of other people, our response to the Spirit’s guidance, and our approach to the Scriptures, we are just like the blasphemous mob who clamored for His demise.

Thankfully, there are times in our lives when many of us are touched to the core by His great love, and we are most satisfied when He is most glorified. We reflect upon His mercy and power to deliver us from those degrading, secret sins to which we have formerly been enslaved, and all we can do is say, “Hallelujah!” We find delight in praising Him before the nations. We delight ourselves in Him and tell as many as we come into contact with, that He is able to take their sorrows and turn them into joy. We tell that He can transform our tests into our testimonies. We tell them that no matter what they have done in the past, if even at the beginning of our encounter with them as they doubted His goodness, He is able to overcome their hopelessness and give them undaunted hope in the soon coming of the Lord. Jesus said that if we lift Him up before people, that He would draw them unto Himself.

I must be honest: I love the fact that even if (God forbid) I have crucified the King by my lifestyle, that He ever lives to make intercession for me, and can present me faultless before the Father with exceeding joy, if I continue to have faith in Him. This realization made my day! I hope it makes yours.

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