Money Monday: In the River & the Bank


Old schoolers may know the game, In the River & the Bank. It seems to suggest that if you were in the river, you might be in a dangerous place. Whereas if you were on the bank, you were safe. This brings us to today’s Money Monday about the best banking institutions for you in 2022. Here are some areas to consider as you explore your banking options.

Credit Unions

Credit unions may be options to consider as you figure out where to keep your money. I know credit unions are not banks, but one of the better credit union options (in my opinion) is Alliant Credit Union. This credit union has an account called High Rate Savings which requires you to maintain only a $100 balance and provides a 0.75% rate. This credit union operates online, and membership is simple. You may become a member by joining the Foster Care to Success Charity.

Internet Banks

These banks will always incur fewer overhead expenses, and thus they can offer greater interest rates on funds deposited into your account. Among the best internet-based banks is Axos. While they provide several account types, their Essential Checking account allows you to access your paycheck up to two days in advance. If you have a challenge with monthly cash flow, this internet bank may allow for some breathing room.

Family Banks

Capital One bank continues to provide the best options for parents and children. Parents and children can manage their Free Money Checking accounts together. The bank also offers accounts for parents to manage separately. A positive feature of these joint children accounts is that credit card withdrawals for teens under 18 years old are limited to $500 per day. Also, purchases are prohibited of certain items or from specific locations such as liquor stores and car rentals. This may be an excellent option to teach your kids financial responsibility.

General Banking

TD Bank offers important features most customers would value. If you use your bank checking account to manage and disburse your monthly bills, it is good news to know that if you overdraw your bank account by up to $50, there will be no overdraft fees. As somewhat of a compliment to this service, if you overdraw your account by more than $50, you have up to 24 hours to correct your account without incurring any fees. TD Bank’s Convenience Checking account only requires a daily balance of $100 to waive their $15 monthly fees.


Today’s what’s up is about college graduates seeking jobs. If you are a college graduate seeking employment, here are three points to consider. Talk about what you bring to the table in terms of skills. Saying that you are a hard worker is nice, but being a hard worker is not a skill.

Secondly, since most companies are conducting interviews by Zoom, practice recording yourself answering questions while looking into a camera.

Finally, spend more time researching the company than the person conducting the interviews. And that’s what’s up!

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