#WhatsTheMessage EP 035: Message in Your Ear with David Person

In this episode Carmela welcomes David Person back to the podcast to discuss his project in partnership with the Message Podcast Network called Message in Your Ear. This podcast available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and iHeartRadio Podcast focuses on highlighting the voices of Black Teens Being. The most recent episode deals with Black Teens and their approach to spirituality and religion. Check out this episode to hear how teens are engaging in social justice, questioning their spirituality, and helping to make our churches and communities to grow.

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Black Teens Being: Challenging Your Beliefs

Our podcast Message in Your Ear featuring the voices and experiences of Black Teens hosted and created by David Person is available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, Spotify, and iHeartradio Podcasts! Whoooo!
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In this episode David person talks with teens Ariana Brown, Ethan Jones, and Jaylen Rogers about spirituality and religion. They encourage teen listeners to actively challenge their spiritual beliefs early in order to truly understand their beliefs. This is an insightful and critical episode you don’t want to miss. Tune in to hear how and why black teens are challenging their spiritual and religious beliefs. Special thank you to mental health expert Dr. Brenden Gamble, and Danita Jones, the mother of Ethan Jones. Click on the links below to subscribe to the #MessageInYourEar Podcast and listen on your preferred platform. Be sure to rate and review the podcast so that others can listen and enjoy as well!

#WhatsTheMessage EP 034: The Next NormalX with Marquis Johns

In this episode Carmela and Claudia welcome back Marquis Johns, Evangelist and Director of Adventist Community Services and Prison Ministries for the Southeastern California Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. Most recently, he is the host and organizer of The Next NormalX, a powerful virtual experience exploring the future of evangelistic practices for Black Christian churches, especially Black Adventist churches. Join us Thursday, September 17th at 11am as we talk with Johns about his vision for evangelism, and what he believes is the next normal.

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#WhatsTheMessage EP 033: The Frustrated Leader with Dr. MyRon Edmonds

In this episode Carmela and Claudia welcome Pastor, Author and Community Developer, Dr. Myron Edmonds, DMin. Author of the recent book The Frustrated Leader: Using Frustration to Accomplish Your Vision, Myron Edmonds is passionate about equipping leaders with the tools they need to move past the paralysis frustration brings to the beauty of executing vision in spite of frustration. This is a conversation we all need and that you do not want to miss!

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#WhatsTheMessage EP 032: Your Story Behind the Pain with John T Boston II

In this episode Carmela and Claudia reflect on their experiences at the National Action Network 2020 March on Washington and welcome Pastor John T Boston to the podcast. Pastor Boston shares with us his powerful story of pain, adoption, and reconciliation. He also talks with us about how he’s turned his pain into his purpose encouraging others to lead and produce in spite of great trauma. This is a powerful interview you do not want to miss.

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#WhatsTheMessage EP 031: Rediscovering Prophecy with Dr. C. Wesley Knight

In this episode Carmela and Claudia welcome Dr. C. Wesley Knight, Author and Senior Pastor of Revision Church Atlanta. In light of the social unrest around the death of Jacob Blake, and many others to police brutality, along with the wildfires in California, hurricanes off the Gulf Coast, all taking place in the middle of a global pandemic, many are asking about the relevance of biblical prophecy. Are we living in the last days? Is this a moment spoken of in Scripture? Should our churches be talking about prophecy? Dr. Knight walks with us through an enlightening conversation into a whole new way of understanding prophecy, one that doesn’t discount the symbols and turbulent times, but actually provides hope and healing for them. This is an eye opening conversation that we know you’ll enjoy.

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Message in Your Ear

S1 EP1: Black Teens Being

In this episode David talks with Ariana Brown and Jaylen Rogers about what it means to be a black teenager. They share vulnerably about stereotypes, challenges, and what they aim to accomplish and how they hope to grow during this period of their life. Check out this episode to learn the burden of being a black teen. Check out the first episode below, and look out for when we announce this podcast’s availability on multiple platforms.


Your Liberation Library

Book Review ofThe History of White People by Nell Irvine Painter

A few years ago, someone recommended The History of White People by Nell Irvine Painter to me. As a historian, sometimes books come across my desk that haven’t yet made it to a popular audience and this was one of them. In this critical work, Painter provides the history of “whiteness” as both label and enforced idea helping readers to understand the social construction of racial hierarchies.

TitleThe History of White People (W.W. Norton, 2011)

Author: Nell Irvine Painter, PhD

Reviewer: Lisa Clark Diller, PhD, Professor & Chair of History and Political Science at Southern Adventist University

Why do you assign this book to your students year after year?

We have assigned it to our incoming freshmen in most of our Fall semesters since 2012. The book sets the tone for the impact of history on justice in our society. The history of how racial power hierarchies were built in our country allows us to have further difficult conversations throughout their four years at Southern. At first the title puts them off—many of them admit they were worried they were being assigned something racist. Looking at the photo of the author (who is an African-American woman) reassures them that it’s not likely to be as racist as they had assumed. There are many books about race, but Painter’s is readable enough for our History and Political Studies department.

What kinds of conversations occur because of this book and what has its impact been?

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and there are sometimes awkward conversations about identity. Each year is different based on the personalities of the students and how willing they are to be honest about how their identities are formed partially through the ways others view their bodies and the way they look. Students are fascinated and depressed by the way science was used to try to define and rank “race.” The eugenic policies of the 1920s and 1930s which connected race and power are often a surprise to them and are particularly depressing. Students almost always affirm the choice of the book and they refer to its ideas throughout their years at Southern.

What’s so liberating about it?

Painter’s scholarship and wit reframed my understanding of the history of race in our country. It is freeing to learn about the thinkers, philosophers and politicians who developed racial rankings. The history of the idea and enforcement of whiteness helps our students see identity as more than just “minorities” versus the majority. Talking out loud and developing racial consciousness is in fact liberating for those who have been identified as “white” and who have been embarrassed to talk about identity. It is hopefully also freeing to students who do not identify as “white” to have some of the unspoken hierarchies of our society put into words. I really appreciated Painter’s narration of how “whiteness” has evolved to include more people. That’s both a good thing and, of course, problematic.

What quotes stick with you?

“Although science today denies race any standing as objective truth, and the U.S. census faces taxonomic meltdown, many Americans cling to race as the unschooled cling to superstition. So long as racial discrimination remains a fact of life and statistics can be arranged to support racial difference, the American belief in races will endure. But confronted with the actually existing American population—its distribution of wealth, power, and beauty—the notion of American whiteness will continue to evolve, as it has since the creation of the American Republic.”

“What we can see depends heavily on what our culture has trained us to look for.”

#WhatsTheMessage EP 030: Voting and the 2020 Elections

Join Carmela and Claudia as they discuss this week’s Democratic National Convention, break down the electoral process, and converse about the importance of voting. They welcome Orlan Johnson, Director of PARL for the North American Division of SDA, Debra Anderson, Assistant to the President of Communications for Potomac Conference of SDA, and Garrison and Simone Hayes, the co-founders of ImpactDemocracy. This is an important conversation and we brought on some dynamic specialists to have it.

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#WhatsTheMessage EP 029: Make Change with Shaun King

In this episode Carmela and Claudia talk with writer, activist, and co-founder of the Real Justice PAC and the Action PAC, Shaun King. His recent book, Make Change: How to Fight Injustice, Dismantle Systemic Oppression, and Own Our Future, is a masterpiece written to both inspire and teach readers how to effectively organize around the issues that break our hearts and our world. This is a dynamic conversation where Shaun King shares vulnerably and honestly about his experience as an activist and organizer, as well as many of his feelings regarding various cases.

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