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The Guerrilla Gardner


Gardening is the new gangsta,” said Ron Finley.

In an urban setting such as south central Los Angeles, fresh food and produce is hard to come by. “Food deserts” are areas typically marked by a lack of access or a lack of easy access to healthy foods. The supply is too far away, or people there lack the resources to get to it, or buy it once they get there. They rely on local mom-and-pop shops, the ones that sell processed foods, sundries, and liquor, and fast-food restaurants.



At one time or another all of us have yearned to create better versions of ourselves. While some people work to repair bro- ken relationships with family members or mend friendships, others are wonder- ing how to reverse the damaging effects of a choice that they made years ago. Navigating these changes and life experiences can reveal both the best and worst in our character, as proven by the following individuals.

The Record Keeper


The television crime drama makes escaping justice seems so simple—at first. The perpetrator concludes his incriminating call and snaps the cell phone in half….

2014 January/February


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