2017 January/February


Race Talk


Prejudice, discrimination and stereotyping—whether overt or implicit—are alive and unfortunately well. Sue’s research and observations are included in his most recent publication Race Talk…

child praying

Prayer Vigilance


I attended a prayer vigil last July at the behest of our mayor, Mike Rawlings, following the tragic police shootings in Dallas, Texas. That…

Can You See?


Miracles are supposed to be unexplainable. It’s like when a family member’s terminal illness suddenly turns into a clean bill of health. It’s when…

First Look


They could not deny the miracle. The blind man was filled with joy and gratitude; he beheld the wondrous things of nature, and was…

Mind Your Mouth


The directive, “Watch your mouth,” has been uttered for many years by parents telling their children to watch what they say. If a child…