When No one Cares about Your Purpose


How is this for transparency? As I write this, we are awaiting news from our parent organiza- tion regarding our professional fate. Our books, magazines, and material aids for those seeking spiritual truth are moving upstream, swimming for dear life in the digital universe. Like many of our readers—even you per- haps—we have had to reconcile purpose with profits. We may see our role—the prophetic voice of change, if you will—but we, alas, also see the ebbing support for the Word of God and the resulting ebb in our bottom line.

The Record Keeper


The television crime drama makes escaping justice seems so simple—at first. The perpetrator concludes his incriminating call and snaps the cell phone in half….

Go Ahead, Push the Button


I remember a towering, kind, and genteel law professor who taught us how to craft our arguments to the jury in order to collect monetary damages on behalf of injured clients. Before many states instituted the current monetary limits on what an injured person could recover in court, lawyers like him appealed to personal outrage and the great sympathy of the jury. Juries, moved by these arguments, would often award huge sums to the victims or families of the victims to “make them whole again.”

No Easy day


As I write this, this morning’s news is burning in my ears. I watched a young woman, unaware she was being captured on video, explain to an undercover cop, who was posing as a would-be hit man, that she wanted to kill her husband.