“The Rest of Your Story” with Nick Taliaferro

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The Rest of  Your Story, Episode 2

Who are you, really? Can you answer without saying what you do, or what you have?  Today’s conversation with James Wadley, Ph.D, and Diane Wagenhals, family educator and therapist, unpack personal worth and value–outside of titles and possessions.

“The Rest of Your Story,” puts peace and trust into the headline of your harried mind. This audio experience is your Friday evening detox to the stress and pressure of this week. Talk about TGIF! Put your earbuds in, sink into your easy chair, while Nick Taliaferro  walks you through insights and inspiration that will lead you to the peace you seek.


Who is Nick Taliaferro?

Taliaferro is a pastoral, counseling and media veteran who lives and works in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a proud native son of Philadelphia. He continued his studies at Oakwood University, where he graduated with honors in 1978. Afterwards he attended the Theological Seminary at Andrews University where he completed a Masters degree in Pastoral Ministry.

As a successful media personality Taliaferro has hosted a popular radio broadcast in Philadelphia that aired daily for seven years. He currently works the drive time “Evenings WURDS with Nick Taliaferro” on WURD-FM, Philadelphia. He has also written for a wide variety of newspapers and magazines. He is a published songwriter and playwright. As a vocalist, he has provided backing vocals with at least five Grammy Award-winning artists including. They included Celine Dion, Michael Bolton, and Teddy Pendergrass.  He performed as part of the Bill Jolly Singers and The Gabriel Hardeman Delegation.

Taliaferro is also a trained Relationship Counselor, having received certifications in both the Marriage Enrichment, and PAIRS (Practical Application of Intimate Relationship Skills) curriculum. Another facet of his community engagement is realized through Parenting and Family Counseling.

Taliaferro served as an assistant to (former) Mayor John F. Street, and in that capacity created two new offices for the City of Philadelphia: The Mayor’s Office of Faith-Based Initiatives (2001-2006) and the Mayor’s Office for the Reentry of Ex-Offenders (concurrently, 2005-2006). In June 2006 he was appointed by the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations to serve as its Executive Director, a position he held until June 2008.

He currently pastors the West Philadelphia Seventh-day Adventist Church.

You need peace?

We hope The Rest of Your Story will inspire you to find the source of it.


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