How to Save During the Summer


Summer! A time for vacations, travel, social events, weddings, amusement parks and the list goes on. So lets just keep it 100! Its not the season in which Im thinking about budgeting and saving. Yet, its one of those times during the year in which we ALL over spend. How can one remain frugal during the summer?

Cut Cable/Streaming:

How much time over the summer are you going to spend watching television, streaming events or Netflix? The answer is ………… thats my point. Cutting cable during the summer months is not going to hurt your entertainment or information life. You probably spend more time in the summer out of the house than inside making cable and streaming services an unnecessary expense.

Kitchen Accommodation:

Wherever you vacation this summer, be sure your location includes a kitchen option. Generally during the summer, Ill spend some time vacationing at Marthas Vineyard which can get quite expensive. But what makes my budget work is the fact that the place where I stay has a kitchen. This helps because some days I can prepare breakfast or dinner resulting in a positive budget impact without compromising my enjoyment.  

Drive Less:

Typically, gas prices increase during the summer. To reduce that gas bill try more walking, biking or using public transportation during the summer months. It will not only be good for your budget, but it can improve your health.

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