A Conversation with Malcolm X and Dr. King

“It seems to me,” said Dr. King,

“That one can fight with words of strife and call it civil rights,

Especially when a people must live in fear of the violent white knight.

But Justice cannot be enforced with unified national pride,

Justice is enforced with peaceful national stride.”


“That’s to no affect,” said Malcolm X.,

“The White Man has conditioned us to fear his knight,

We must condition his knight to fear our approach to civil rights.

If it is in word or deed, we will attack with variety.

So while you stride, though I do not oblige,

I will stand with pride, and address our soulful cries.

Unity begins in the mind.

So until the whites are willing to unify,

We stand together.

In a country that needs Black Pride…”


“It seems to me,” said Dr. King,

“That where there is division, there will always be intolerance;

Where there is intolerance, there will always be violence;

Where there is violence, there will be war,

And where there is war, peace cannot be a present force.

So let us not desert our country for our own racial good,

But rather rally together, black and white,

To create a country that speaks to human rights.

For injustice against one people is a battle for all to fight.


“That’s to no affect,” said Malcolm X,

“I speak not for intolerance, violence or war,

And I agree that human rights are a fight worth fighting for.

But here and now there is a voice that should be heard,

The voice of a race that was dumbed liked a caged bird,

Blinded by ignorance,

Maimed by hate.

Paralyzed by the legislation of our racist Southern States.

This voice can no longer remain silent,

This voice can no longer sit,

This voice can no longer walk,

And this voice needs more than a simple boycott.

We must remember that the White Man has made himself our adversary,

So as for me and my house, we will act ‘by any means necessary.’”


“It seems to me,” said Dr. King —


“That’s to no affect,” said Malcolm X

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