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Here is a list of Titles & Descriptions

500 Years of Protest – From Martin Luther to Martin Luther King, Jr. and beyond. In a fallen world, there will always be corruption, greed, and injustice – thus there will be continual calls for protest. Will you be part of the solution or part of the problem? What is your standard of what’s right and wrong, just and unjust?

50 Ways to Keep Your Lover—Some of these quick and practical tips might be new insights for you, while others serve as piercing reminders. Either way, these little sparks will help rekindle our relationships in the midst of the busy-ness of life. Applying these principles will promote communication, joy, empathy, and resilience in our relationships.

Comforters, Incorporated—Because there are so many sources of stress, grief, and discouragement, God has provided a variety of comforters to restore hope, joy, and strength. Experience this comfort for yourself and share it with others.

Faith, Family, and Finances—Systemic flaws in American society have robbed countless black citizens of their unalienable rights—among them life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, over the decades. Today, the problems still exist. Yet, we can accomplish much if we get back to the basics and remember how God has led us in the past. Tackling the issues of “Faith, Family and Finances” is a good place to start.

Fearless Focus—Are political unrest, natural disasters, war, disease, and forecasts of doom and gloom generating anxiety in your life, or making you numb to the news? Here’s some guidance to focus on current events in a way that activates your faith instead of amplifying your fears.

All For One: One Dish Meals That Pack a Punch—Donna Green-Goodman shares a glimpse of her story as a cancer survivor and how transforming her diet helped her overcome the second deadliest killer in America. Her tasty, healthy recipes can help you beat the odds and live the abundant life.

Loving Them to Death: Advice for the Families of Addicts—Patrice Conwell, and Clifford and Freddie Harris of Drug Alternative Program (DAP) counsel us about five deadly ideas that will get your loved one killed and six life-giving strategies that just might help your loved one overcome addiction.

Reframe Your Pain: 6 Lessons on Loss—Job is one of the best known figures in the Bible, because of how he dealt with the sudden devastation of his property and riches, the death of all his children, and a painful, disfiguring disease that made his breath stink. How do you hold onto faith, and life itself, when even your spouse thinks you might be better off dead? Learn these lessons of healing from Job and share it with others.

Righteous Rage— People are outraged everywhere you look. There are protests against gun violence, pipelines, police brutality, racism, classism, fascism, sexism–and for every protest there’s a counter-protest. Is it wrong to be outraged? Can our outrage be counterproductive to the problems we hope to solve? Is there such a thing as righteous rage?

Social Justice Holiday— What if there was a weekly Social Justice Holiday for us to work together with Jesus toward bringing healing, wholeness, liberty, and justice to those in need? What would that look like? Why not start by sharing this tract with everyone in your circle? Then expand your circles!

My Sweet Addiction— If you’ve ever bitten into a ripe, juicy mango or crisp apple, you know that the Creator intended for us to enjoy “sweet”. Yes, sweet is a very good thing, until too much of it is eaten in the form of refined sugar. Donna Green-Goodman helps us keep this potentially lethal, yet perfectly legal and socially acceptable, addiction in check!

What It Takes to Heal: 7 Transformational Tips for Abuse Survivors—The numbers of victims of sexual abuse are staggering, even though they’re underreported. This tract, written by a survivor, helps provide healing and restoration: There is a way out. Your life matters. Your healing matters. You matter.

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